Premium Self-Heating Lunch Box
Premium Self-Heating Lunch Box
Premium Self-Heating Lunch Box
Premium Self-Heating Lunch Box
Premium Self-Heating Lunch Box
Premium Self-Heating Lunch Box
Premium Self-Heating Lunch Box
Premium Self-Heating Lunch Box

Premium Self-Heating Lunch Box

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The Lunch Box You Always Needed

It's your break time but there just isn't a simple access to a microwave... and now you have no choice but to resort to pre-packaged or drive-thru meals that wastes unnecessary amounts of your money...

That is why our Premium Self-Heating Lunch Box is your best compact solution to enjoy homemade prepared meals anywhere you are! Just plug the lunch box into a nearby power outlet and watch as it slowly heats up your meal to perfection in as little as 20-30 minutes!

Key Benefits

  • Meals On-Demand: heat up and enjoy deliciously prepared meals during work, office, school, long drives, travels, and more!


  • Simultaneous Heating: our lunch box includes a 2-compartment tray to heat up different parts of your meal at the same time!


  • All-in-one Design: it features a foldable carrying handle, a small compartment to hold your spoon/fork, durable clips for tight sealing, and a power indicator that lets you know when your food is ready to go!


  • Money Saver: now you can enjoy prepared and left over meals from home at the comfort of your work space - no more over spending on fast food.


  • Safe & Eco-Friendly: Made with FDA-approved food grade materials and 100% BPA free, non-toxic plastics.


How To Use

The Premium Self-Heating Lunch Box contains a 2-compartment tray to separate your meals.

      1. Simply place your tasty leftovers or pre-made meals into the lunch box and seal it closed.
      2. As you're nearing lunch time, simply locate a nearby power source and plug the lunch box in.
      3. Press the air vent to allow steam/moisture to escape as the device will start heating immediately.
      4. Now you can just kick back, relax, and wait as little as 20-30 minutes before your meal is hot, fresh, and ready to eat!

Note: If using perishable or refrigerated foods that must stay cold, then our Premium Self-Heating Lunch Box is the perfect solution to retain freshness before you're ready to heat it up! It is also ideal to keep your foods warm for longer.


How To Clean

Simply remove the tray from the base and wash it by hand with dish soap and water. Clean the underside of the closing lid the same way as well.

The lunch box is not dishwasher safe

Plug Type Reference

Select the plug style that will connect to your home outlet when ordering.


If your home outlet has the same shape as any of the pictures below, then that is the plug type that will work for you.



To each order we also include a car adapter, so that you can enjoy fresh, warm meals even while being on the road!

Your Order Will Include

1x Premium Self-Heating Lunch Box

1x Power Adapter (remember to select the right plug type before ordering)

1x Car Adapter

1x Instruction Manual


Our Guarantee

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee - After you receive your order, we are so certain you will love it but if you don't, we will gladly issue a full refund. No hassle. No questions asked.